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Monday, March 10, 2008

Something Productive

It's the good girls who keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time.
~Tallulah Bankhead

Does this count as a diary? If not, I don't mind falling in the 'bad girl' category. LOL! ;)

You can tell my days have not been filled with scrapping. I have been up to other things! Lots of projects going on around here. First, the stove guard and knob covers are on, thanks to the super-handy stud I married! (Love you, babe!!!) Mr. Handyman also installed a second shelf in the very top of Aiden's closet so I have been working to re-organize all of his clothes, box up the things he has outgrown and store them up there. I thought this was going to be sooooo easy to knock out in one afternoon. Boy was I wrong! Not only do I have to schedule this work around nap times, when Aiden needs the room still and quiet to sleep, but my littlest handy man keeps running off with hangers, boxes and other items I'm trying to put away.

It has been fun to pull out some of Aiden's clothes for next year and go through them as I hang them up. I try to buy things a year ahead and I'm finding that I will need to pick up a lot of summer clothes, both for this summer and for next. I have tons upon tons of winter stuff but not enough in the way of shorts and tees. Darn.....guess I'll have to do some shopping!!!!

Hey, we had burgers and shakes tonight at Culver's! A very packed and crowded Culver's. They were really good. Too good.....I'm sure we'll be stopping in often enough to wreck all the hard work I have been putting in to slimming down! (Can I brag?? I have been wearing my size 8 jeans this week. SIZE 8!!!!!) I set a goal to be back in these jeans by May, but secretly I wanted to be in them by Aiden's birthday. They're not my exact pre-pregnancy size but close enough for now!

Earlier today, while I was trying to put things in the top of the closet and Aiden kept either running off with things or climbing to the top of the step stool, I decided to set up his play tent for him. It's this adorable blue & orange camping style tent that is just too cute! He seemed to like it, so long as I wanted to play along with him. Here is a picture I took:

He looks terrified! It's my new camera. It does this THING where it shoots a beam of red light when you press the button half way down to set the focus. Luckily it usually makes Aiden look up, and then I can quickly press the button for a no-delay, fast shot. Unfortunately, I get a lot of deer-in-a-headlight looks like this!

I think I forgot to mention the new camera. The focus mechanism went out on my other camera. It will still take pictures, but most close up and normal range shots are blurry. I called about having it repaired and found out it would be half the price of a new camera. I like my new PowerShot but it doesn't have the same cool charge-and-upload-at-the-same-time feature that my Casio did. I really like how much I can customize the settings on this model, though. I called Kelsey for a crash-course on ISO settings so my shots will be more crisp. Hopefully I will have some new photos soon because I am getting caught up and running out of things to scrap!


The Snowpack said...

I got put on bedrest about 5 weeks ago. So that spring cleaning of the kids closets got put on my Mom to do. Who says bed rest is bad. That is one thing I am glad I didn't have to deal with. Sounds like you had a long day. Glad it ended with ice cream.(Brian's Cousin Megan)

Susie said...

2 things...

CONGRATS on your size 8! Way to go!!!

RUNNING OUT OF THINGS TO SCRAP??? I don't think this will ever, ever happen to me. Just let me know, I'll send you an e-mail full of photos for you to keep busy with! ;)

Kelsey said...

Amen to Susie- I have disks and disks over here for you! I should just be quiet since you already have done a few pages for me, that I LOVE BTW!

larshannon said...

So, how much did you end up losing? I've been waiting to hear. No day can be bad if it ends with ice cream!!

emblair said...

Love Aiden's tent...Molly got one for Christmas from Nana and Papa Bob and she LOVES it! And congrats on the new size 8! What'd you do to work on getting there?

Tay said...

Okay, to answer diet questions:

I did the rotation diet. Google it - it's very healthy. Kind of a detox thing where you eat fruits, veggies, whole grains, fresh dairy & lean meats to drop fat pounds pretty quick. Then you stop dieting so you don't slow your metabolism.

I have lost 20 pounds since early Jan when I quit breastfeeding & started dieting and exercising. I walk with Aiden and chasing him, carrying him and playing with him has helped me burn a lot of calories, too!

Funny thing is my body is SO differently shaped now! My size 8's fit but I have this fluff at the top that wasn't there before! LOL! More work is needed on those...but I am LOVING my curvy new thighs! I've never had girlie thighs before ;)