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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Really Cool Things

FINALLY! There is a camera that can keep up with my rowdy kiddo! I didn't realize this when I bought it but my new powershot has a continuous shot option. This means, when I opt for that setting, I can simply set the focus and then hold the button down and the camera will take a picture every half-second. NICE! Now, I'm not sure if the pictures turn out crisp & clear. I haven't downloaded the ones I took of Aiden going down the slide (on his belly.....twenty times in a row....) but I'm hoping they'll be okay. My ISO was set correctly but he was also moving so we'll see! I already have a great idea for a LO using those images...

Next, check out these AWESOME hybrid projects made by a gallery member on Miss Mint's site: (images are clickable and go directly to the credits page)

Is that onsie not the COOLEST THING EVER?!! Megan is so creative and talented! Seriously, I am adoring these projects and am anxious to see if I can make a t-shirt for Aiden. Yay for inspiring people!

Okay, next thing. I was cleaning out my coupon organizer today and I have LOTS of coupons for Baby Oragel, Desitin, baby wipes, shampoo, etc. Anyone want these? I often tuck unwanted coupons - and especially formula checks - right next to the products they're for at the store because I don't like to see them wasted. But I have entirely too many to wedge in between products now! I keep the coupon organizer in my car so I'm never without it when I shop so if you see me, just ask for them!

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Turnidge Family said...

Oh man! You are so sweet! I'm so glad you liked my projects. These were my first hybrid projects and I'm really happy with how they turned out! Aren't the possibilities just ENDLESS with digital scrappin'?!!