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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Scrap & Stuff

You shopped at Peppermint Creative and got the freebie and a bunch of fun new things, right? (May I recommend these Bracket Mats, on sale for $1.40? Because trust me, they're HOT! See more info below...)

Here is a page I did with the new freebie kit and some of the other peppermint easter goodies:

This was Aiden less than a year ago! That's my baby in his teeny preemie clothes that were STILL too big on him when this photo was taken! How can it be that he's grown so much??? This page kind of made me sad when I scrapped it. My little newborn is a toddler! Truth be told I would miss his mischevious laugh and constant antics if I were to go back in time to when he was this little. Funny how you can miss the past and so desperately want the present at the same time!

Jen Wilson Misc: Jen has a blog and she's letting her CT's write on it! Here is my submission for today. See what I mean about the bracket mats? They're a HUGE trend right now! Trust me on this one and just buy them now while they're on sale. You can use them for a thousand things, including journaling blocks & picture frames.

If you didn't read her blog yesterday then you missed out on the coupon code. Lucky for you a few users had problems with it so she put the whole site on sale for today only! This is pretty rare. Stock up!

Other News: Sweet tooths appear to be genetic and Aiden inherited Brian's! I made the boys a batch of cookies yesterday, just because I love them. Aiden was screaming for one while they were still dough balls on the cookie sheet so of course he got a warm cookie straight from the oven. (Is there anything better?) He LOVED it and I was pretty surprised when he began to say "kukee" after I had only mentioned the word two or three times. (I'm telling you, with men you have to link everything back to food! LOL!)

Kukee was a nice break from "good". He's been saying that EVERYTHING is good. And anything that is pretty, shiny or otherwise brightly colored is "mbuk" (book - yes, WITH the "m" first!) He's a riot! Of course "outside" is still a shout as he struggles against me to stand and look out his bedroom window while I try and change his diaper.... Did I mention that I can now diaper him while he is standing with his back turned to me? We're getting lots of practice with this new technique (read: compromise) and I'm sure the neighbors are getting lots of crotch-shots from that back corner room. I shouldn't complain. I can already tell someday soon I'm going to wish for the days when he was only naked INSIDE the house!

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