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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hybrid Projects!

I have some blank areas of wall in my bathroom and closet and have been wanting to have signs made with my favorite funny quotes to hang in the empty spaces. After doing the signs in Aiden's room, I'm done with tracing and paint pens - I need something much faster! Miss Mint's stuff to the rescue! This is the first one that I made last night:

This was my favorite saying in high school and it still makes me laugh! Great bit of advice. When life seems to be going wrong, you can always do something to spin it in a positive direction.

Well lunch yesterday with the girls was a blast and then we headed to Kelsey's house for some afternoon fun. I'm really excited about Halloween! I need to upload some pictures to Sams and then go buy some candy for trick-or-treaters today before it gets too busy and I forget!

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Susie said...

Hey...I want to add you to my Blog list...but I realized I don't actually know your name!!! Are you Shanta or Tay or AdobeAddict! (I saw your LO's at PC) can answer me here or e-mail me (link on my blog) or whatever!!! I'm always glad to have a new friend in the digi-world.

BTW...I added my galleries to my sidebar. They are so empty and redundant right now! I'll start filling them up soon! Thanks for all your support!