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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hurray for the Cold Front!

The cold weather this morning was great! We went for a nice walk. Unfortunately it turned warmer this afternoon and now I am sweating in my cute athletic pants...

We ran lots of errands between naps today and ended it all with a screaming fit in the grocery store checkout line. I completely understand why parents give in and buy the candy at the checkout for the tantrum-throwing toddler. If 99 cents could have hushed him up, I would have paid it!

He started the day off by being a stinker and only took a 25 minute nap this morning. It took me working over the course of 3 nap times to finish this layout:

Like I mentioned earlier, it wasn't the worst plane ride but he was still fairly loud. Now we have a whole page to commemorate it!

I have to hurry to the kitchen because I am making some yummy fall treats! I'll post more later!


Kelsey said...

That is way cute! As always, you know I think you are wonderful. The worst part is on planes when your kid is screaming and people try to tell what that child needs. This lady did that for us over and over on the way back from Cali. Finally I gave her a death stare and got the point. =)

Alisha said...

Your layout is so cute. How do you have time for it all? Layouts, bracelets, walks, cooking yummy treats? I can't handle even keeping up with the laundry!