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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Activity Pics

Here are a couple quick pics of the things we've been doing instead of writing on the blog!

Aiden playing outside in his inflatable splash pool:

The very first tomatoes we got off the cherry tomato plant last week (the one that wasn't uprooted!):

Aiden LOVING the huge beach-entry shallow end of the new pool at our gym:

Aiden and his favorite girlfriend "Oliviaups" (Olivia) eating cake while Olivia's dad keeps a close eye on them and grills Aiden about his career and retirement plans: (ROFL!)

Next, I found this pic taken at my parent's lake house on Easter morning and thought I would post it. Most of my friends have met my very tan-complexioned, brown hair & brown eyed sister. This picture shows my brother and his wife along with Brian and I:

I know, I know, we don't look anything alike! Courtney - my blonde sister-in-law - and I are CONSTANTLY believed to be sisters because we look much more alike than AJ and I do. AJ, Sheena and I all share the exact same set of parents and we all look very different from one another. Genetics are crazy, aren't they? Oh, and my (younger) brother is 6'4", which should help explain why Aiden is so tall. The guys in my family are HUGE! I am actually the shortest of the Sullivan siblings & in-laws which I LOOOOOVE after years of being one of the tallest in my classes. It's so nice to be labeled "short" for a change!


Nina said...

Tay, I love reading your blog, the Aiden-stories and your photos are so sweet and fun sometimes!!!
And I had to lift your header!!!! Sorry, but it looks so special, I immediatly fell in love with it!!

Christine said...

Your sweet little baby is growing up to be such a handsome boy! Your blog header is beautiful. Your creativity and talent for design is amazing!