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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Handy Hubby

Brian has done some really nice projects for me lately that deserve some recognition. He does enjoy making the blog and I was really excited about these projects because I got everything on clearance for half-price or less! YAY!

First up is the new white office shelf he hung for me last night. I was thrilled and thought the wall turned out really cute! (Kelsey is selling the pink & green metal frames if you want some, too. They're magnetic so my "naughty" and "xoxoxo" magnets fit perfectly!)

Next is the new kitchen table pendant light Bri installed:

And one of the two matching entry & hallway lights:

He did a great job and got them up pretty quickly! We both liked how they made everything feel more formal. (I got a STEAL when I haggled a poor Lowe's employee to death to discount already-clearance-priced lighting.) I learned that any manager can reduce the price on clearance merchandise - a trick I will be using much more often in the future! :D

Last but not least is the shoe organizer Brian got me for Mother's Day:

I'm always encouraging Bri to "get creative" and "think outside the box" when it comes to gift ideas for me. Apparently my shoes were in his way. Boy, did I learn my lesson! I'll spell out my Mother's Day gift wishes MUCH more clearly next year! ROFL! Meanwhile it is nice to have all my dress shoes organized for easy grabbing and Brian even custom-sized this organizer to fit in the space below the builder-installed shelves. I love that he's so handy!


Brian said...

Yeah! I finally made the blog in a good way. :) I love you, sweetie! Thanks.

Daniel said...

Good Job Brian! Nice for you to make the bog, but I guess you aren't good enough to make the shelf huh?

Daniel said...

I meant to say "blog".

Anyway, just so you don't feel bad, I was talking to dad the other day and commented that I was impressed with use and knowledge of various tools and handiwork skiils. Hope the triathlon training is going well.

Alisha said...'s the thought that counts. He made it too, so he should get triple bonus points for that...he didn't just go buy something! Your house looks so cute with the changes. Then again, your house always looks cute.

larshannon said...

Brian- you did an awesome job. The house looks really good. Now I need to think of an excuse to get down there and see it in person.

emblair said...

You rock, Bri! When I think handyman, I think YOU!

And I love your present to Tay for mother's day! Beats a bag of chocolate pretzels and ordering yourself a swimsuit online!