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Monday, October 13, 2008

Winners & Trivia Answer

Well, since most people use blog readers and didn't make it to my blog to comment, I only had 4 posts so guess what! ALL FOUR WIN! I'll get with everyone to see what they want and Megan I'll be mailing yours - but give me until after Super Saturday this weekend so I can finally think clearly!

Trivia Answer: TRUE

It is true. My fifth grade year was the last year I celebrated Halloween because my mom decided it was too "pagan" to participate in. My siblings and I were very disappointed, especially my younger sister who was in the third grade and missed every halloween thereafter.

My freshman year of college I met Brian at a Halloween party and the holiday took on new meaning. Now I do halloween up big for several reasons, one being the fact it's the first holiday you get to decorate for in the fall and the fact that Bri & I met at halloween. Of course years of missing out on it influence my decision to include lots of enjoyable family traditions, too!

I personally think that halloween can get too carried away with blood and gore but I'm the mom and I say what happens in my home. We celebrate the family time, the dress-up fun and all the sweet treats. As for my mother's decision years ago, I always thought a better approach would have been to forbid the gory items and encourage the harmless, fun ones instead of an all-or-none approach. Moderation always seems to be the best answer doesn't it?!! Despite the family time and memories my parents completely missed out on - not to mention the pictures - I learned a great lesson about communication. Even a third grader can understand your fears and concerns and be open to a conversation about restrictions if a parent will simply communicate.

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Megan said...

YAY! Thanks Tay! I should've checked back here sooner. ;) I can't wait! You are awesome!! :)

I totally agree about Halloween. It should be fun and it doesn't have to be icky.