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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christmas Already?

So Kelsey calls me this week. She's booked with family shoots and her clients want to see holiday card samples now. Lucky for her I'm the digi card QUEEN! But this year I'm tired of the same-old stuff. Everyone knows how to scrap so you can make your own. Or, if you just don't want to mess with it, I'm offering designs again this year. Here's a sneak peek at the 100% new cards I'm creating from scratch: (5x7 size shown in the screen shot)

This is not a template. You can't buy it anywhere. I made the ornament shapes and everything in Photoshop. The hot pink ball can hold a Monogram or your holiday greeting.

This card was inspired by the mini fruit punch candy canes I bought last year:

This next card took a while. I made the dots and then delicately lined them all up to make a cute polka dot pattern. Brings back memories of candy sprinkles on sugar cookies, doesn't it?!!

As you can tell everything is bright, vibrant & whimsical this year! I like cards that stand out and say "Look at me! I was sent by a very trendy gal!" I want to print cards that are the crowning jewel to every card display, tucked prominently above others on ribbon boards and perched center-stage on the mantle. It helps that I'm teamed up with a stunning photographer and the cards always sport a gorgeous picture!

Eventually I'll post a link with all of the card samples shown. Sorry, but I'm keeping some of the best ones hidden for now! I just started working on more blue designs this morning so there will be something for everyone. ;)

Just A Reminder: Holiday cards need to be mailed the first week in December to arrive before Christmas. Can you believe it's only seven weeks away? Yikes!


Angela said...

Super cute! I was going to make paper cards, but now I don't know what to do!

Aartee said...

Awesome job! You will have to post some photoshop tutorials! Unfortunately the hubbys new laptop doesn't have photoshop and I am miserable without it!

Alisha said...

No way it is that close....ahhh...I blame the hurricane...I missed pretty much all of September due to IKE!