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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1 going on 15

Aiden has recently discovered my iPod and I've discovered that, just like his dad, he loves music. But migraine-inducing, annoying children's songs are banned from our house until he's at least old enough to beg for it in complete sentences! Currently on my iPod are some fun, top 40 songs that I like to listen to while I house clean or craft. When Aiden wouldn't sit still in the tiny exam room at the doctor's office yesterday, I pulled the iPod out and let him have full control. It's a RIOT seeing an 18 month old with the white ear buds on, holding the tiny electronic and listening calmly (and, OMGosh, quietly!) to what he's hearing! Hey, it kept him still for ten minutes. Even Disney can't do that.

Yesterday I tackled cleaning out the office. New floors are going in on Friday so everything has to come out. Only problem is the office has taken the brunt of Baby Daze, Super Saturday, the three craft shows, Hurricane Ike, all my on-going craft projects and the huge vinyl cutting job I'm doing for my mom. To say it was a disaster was an understatement. I spent all day cleaning it out with lots of help from Aiden. We got it done just minutes before Brian got home. Here's what I learned:

1. Toddlers are naturally and instantly attracted to the most sharp or dangerous objects in any room.

2. After that, they are attracted to the most expensive items and electronics in the room.

3. All buttons must be pressed repeatedly, no matter how many times mom says "no" or how close the computer/printer/digital camera/vinyl cutter sounds like it's going to grind to a hault and die from abuse.

4. The only thing better than scattering the contents of a bin on the floor is to follow it with the contents of another bin so mom really can't tell what went where.

5. Unrolling brand new vinyl is a great way to get mom to pick you up.

6. Empty print cartridges will still leave ink on your lips if you try to lick them.

At one point yesterday when Aiden was bored with the clean out, he walked along the edge of the cluttered desk, looking at me with an amused expression and skimming his hands along the items, patting each one and moving on, just to see what thing would get the biggest reaction out of me when he touched it. I tried to let him have fun exploring but when his little hand landed on my pointed vinyl weeding tool, I gasped and said "No, Sharp!" Of course that was the reaction he was looking for. A smile began to spread across his face as his hand immediately closed around the point and he stuck himself. He melted into tears, more out of frustration than the tiny jab that didn't leave a mark. Stubborn mischeviousness can be painful. For everyone! LOL!

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larshannon said...

Funny, Amy loves my MP3 player too.