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Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Sunday Evening with the Silvers

It's been quite a while since I posted pictures of Aiden on my blog. Brian has asked me frequently to post something and even my designers have been wondering where I went! (You know things have gotten entirely too busy around here when I'm not on the computer playing in photoshop! LOL!) To make up for my slacking, here are a batch of brand new pictures taken today, not but a few hours ago!

Aiden on my shoulders is becoming more & more common. This way I know he's safe and not trying to chase down the doberman, run out of The Children's Place with a pair of girl's shoes or dart into the street. About the whisk: I was cooking dinner when Aiden strolled over, opened the utensil drawer, stood on his tip-toes to dig around for a minute (the drawer is kept knife-free now) and pulled this out. Fast forward to now when Brian is loading a few things in the dishwasher while dinner is in the oven. Aiden is sitting on the door of the dishwasher pulling things out faster than Brian can load them in. I rescued Aiden from Brian (or Brian from Aiden) and he brought the whisk with him. Yeah, I got smacked in the face with it. Twice!

Okay, dinner is served! We tried a new recipe - creamy chicken & broccoli over wild rice. It was really good! Aiden wanted to practice eating with a grown-up fork. He made a HUGE mess! I cleaned the kitchen while Brian had to bathe and double rinse him in the tub and then we both mopped the floor....

But oh, I love this face! We think he sure looks like cousin Eric in this picture!

We're all smiles about the dinner mess. I know that someday, when it's just Brian and I eating at a table by ourselves with sparkling clean floors, I will nearly choke up with tears just thinking about these first family dinners. So what if I have to mop three or four times a week - dinner as a family is worth it!

After dinner there is a bedtime revolt. The stand-off is short and the evening is much too pleasant to be spent inside. Aiden & Brian play airplane in the back yard for a while:

Then, after popsicles, we move the party to the front yard. Aiden runs screaming down the driveway....


And after briefly chatting with some neighbors, we notice a little blonde boy whose eyes have gone dull and tired-looking. He's finally ready for bed an hour and a half past his bed time!

Sunday afternoons have become my favortie time of the week. I really enjoy spending time with my family and it energizes me for the week ahead. (Because for whatever reason, Monday afternoons are the WORST afternoons of the week. Probably because a certain someone was spoiled with too much attention on Sundays! ROFL!)

Aiden Story: Aiden asks to be read books several times per day. On a slow day, he may only be read a dozen books. More often than not it's six to seven books in a row six to seven times a day. Lately the book du jour has been the Cheerios book. He absolutely will not tolerate real cereal being put in the designated places on the page, but he does like to grab at the printed images of cheerios! At one point this evening, between the bedtime wars and popsicles, he brought me two right shoes (one a navy flip flop and the other a camo Croc) and the Cheerio book. He became disgusted with the book when, as usual, the fake cheerios wouldn't budge and then insisted I put the shoes on. He was already on edge and just my mentioning that I couldn't do it sent him into a tantrum. I decided what the heck, and put the flip flop on the right foot and the Croc on backwards on his left foot. Brian was already outside and didn't see me doubled over laughing as Aiden plodded off awkwardly, with one shoe being thicker than the other and throwing off his walk. He stopped and stared a few times at his feet and then paused and sheepishly accepted help removing his mis-matched shoes. I am learning the secret to parenting a child who has double-inherited genetic stubborness is being agreeable, helpful and letting the situation dictate the outcome. Considering I occasionally leave the house in two different colored flip flops, I can't really expect Aiden to comprehend skills I obviously have not yet mastered myself!


MaryAnn said...

The pictures of Aiden are darling. You and Brian are in a great stage of family. This is such a cute time for toddlers. They are learning so much every day and you get to see their true personality coming out. You're great parents. We sure do love all of you!

Alisha said...

So cute! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

PapaBob said...

What delightful pictures and what a beautiful family!

Megan said...

Awww! What a fun day! You are such a good mom! Love those pics of Aiden. Just adorable!

larshannon said...

Finally Shanta! I've been waiting forever for some new stuff. I love the pictures of Aiden, and I did a double take on the one you say looks like Eric.