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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Little Things

I seem to be the only one of my friends feeling stressed. My schedule is a little full, my list of errands has gotten a bit too long and I have several things coming up this week and next that are out of the ordinary and require some prep work on top of all the usual cleaning, vacuuming and mooing. Since I don't want my CT thinking I fell off the face of the earth, I got a layout done and finally posted pictures of a hybrid project I finished nearly 3 weeks ago!

It's not even July 4th and I'm already sick of red white & blue. In fact, I posted a request on our team forum for a kit that has ANYTHING but the same-old colors. This year I think I'll dress Aiden in hawaiian prints and give him glow sticks and gold sparklers so the pictures will match the Rainbow Joy kit. I swear I am not usually this moody about holidays - Brian must be rubbing off on me - but I am already dreading the late-night explosions, drunken chatter from the streets and the morning-after litter all over the lawn. Geez, I must be getting old! LOL!

Guess What Grandma: Still no mooing but Aiden learned the noise that a snake makes today. Of all the noises to pick up....He also barks at random times and will shout "button" (buhtee) for no apparent reason. (Why does nearly everything he says sound like it could be naughty? I noticed a few moms turn to look when he called for 'booty' today at library hour.) Several of my new tops have buttons on the front so I am frequently getting poked in the boob as he presses each 'buhtee'. I wonder if he thinks all buttons are capable of speed-dialing 'dada'. Did I mention that's where he learned the word from? I often find him shouting 'dada' at the phone and pressing random buttons. Occasionally it actually will redial to Brian's office and he gets to hear my one-sided conversation: "Aiden, are you pushing the buttons? That's a button. Push this button to turn the phone on. Wha- wait. Is the phone-" *wrestle phone away from Aiden* "Hello?"

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