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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Poll

See the poll to the right? Well, it's a little wager between myself and Brian. I think that my girlfriends and female family members would love to receive vinyl lettering for gifts because it is wildly popular right now. Some things would be on painted wood boards and some things would be ready to go on your walls. SIL's, you might even get a big metal catch-all bucket with your last name that looks like the $59 one at Pottery Barn! (I have discovered that Target/Ikea + Vinyl Lettering = Pottery Barn.)

Brian, on the other hand, thinks that I am incorrect in assuming that just because I like something means everyone else will too and that unless people specifically ask for vinyl lettering, we should plan on buying them something else for Christmas. My argument was that it's getting difficult to find beautiful, thoughtful gifts - especially for parents - for under $50 unless you custom make something. (Or drive to the Outlets in San Marcos.) If I had the option between something unique and custom made for my home or another kitchen item, I would probably pick the home décor item. I can always hit the Williams Sonoma after Christmas Sale on my own....

So VOTE!!! If you don't, then no vinyl lettering for you! (Like I'd know any ways. Your name doesn't show up. I just know the only "no" is from Brian, just to spite me!)

Trust me, I'm looking to throw down for some cool flourishes, two-toned sets and everything. You'll want on this train!!!

1 comment:

larshannon said...

Tell Bri that you know what type of gift to give a SIL!