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Friday, September 28, 2007

Big Trouble!

Aiden was a little devil today. Those teeth.....I swear I'm going to go mad before they all come in. He screamed and thrashed around in his exersaucer like a maniac. I couldn't set him down without headache-provoking wails. Ugh. During his nap I began scrapping a page about his uber-pissy day and then he woke up after only 30 minutes. AAARRRGGGGHHH!!!

Then Brian got home and was not impressed with the lack of housecleaning. I did manage to get a shower, do my hair, have makeup on, mail 3 packages, grocery shop, unload & put away groceries, feed Aiden solids in addition to nursing sessions, change his clothes and poopy diapers about a dozen times, schedule our tile appointment, feed the dog, cook dinner, feed the baby dinner and finish my digital scrap layout quota, all to the soundtrack of Aiden squaking, Major barking at nothing and without killing anyone. Funny how husbands can see your day so differently. *SIGH*. If you're not bringing home a paycheck then you'd better be housecleaning I guess.

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