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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Midas Touch

Brian is annoyed and amused by the way I hop from one thing to another. He says about every 3-4 months I change my mind and pick up a different business. (For the record, jewelry has been my only real 'business'. The custom candy wrappers, photo shop ads, graphics work, photo editing and invitations & birth announcements are all hobby things that might or might not make a little cash. And yes, I frequently do put down the jewelry when I get tired of it.) Why? The answer is easy. I hate customer service. I am artistic enough to put out what I would consider to be a great product, whether it's jewelry or graphics, and I can't stand people trying to "improve" upon it by asking for a thousand changes when I feel like everything is the best to begin with. I personally am cheap but professionally I opt for the best of everything. (For instance, do you know that I use higher quality stringing wire and crimps on my $7 baby jewelry than NORDSTROM'S does on their $200+ fashion jewelry?? I was a jewelry rep for a line sold through them and yeah, it shocked me too.)

I know it's common to get burned out and I'm really greatful that I can quit my hobby work and focus on other things. Right now I am gearing up to do holiday cards and birth announcements. This time Brian wants to help, mostly because he heard of a 17 year-old high school girl who is a millionaire from selling MySpace templates. I guess he has high hopes for my unbridled ambition!!

Here are some of the announcements I have put together. (Don't worry Bri, they're in 72 dpi here so no one is going to get anything but a super fuzzy, grainy print if they copy it off here.) The names & stuff are fake, they're just to illustrate the fonts available. Pictures, when I get them, will go in the frames at the top.

Leave me comments and tell me what other colors you think people would like for announcements.


Heidi said...

Hey---this is Heidi, Kelsey's sister-in-law. I just wanted to thank you for your high quality baby jewelry!! You know I own close to 10 bracelets for my little girl and I have not had any problems with any of them! She wears them all the time too...sleeping, bathing, whatever! So thanks!! I LOVE your work!

Kelsey said...

WAY cute birth announcements. What pics do you need?

Muggle Mom said...

those are really cute!!! you have so much talent! i'm sure you'll do great! :)


ps-we need to get together! i haven't seen you in forever!

Laura & Daniel said...

Ethan Scott is our favorite boy no one steal it from us!!! :)

MaryAnn said...

Your pages are great and creative as always. I love Aiden's pictures and can't believe how much he's grown.
Love ya!