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Friday, August 31, 2007

MEN! *eyeroll*

Guys have a hard time communicating their feelings OR if they do communicate anything, it's usually anger, because society says that's one of the only feelings that are okay for guys to show. So everything is expressed angrily. It wasn't too long ago that I figured out men are like infants. They will fuss or scream in their most loud and serious voice all because they want you to come pay attention to them, pick them up and love on them. Fast forward 30 years and not much has changed for males. They want to be on the receiving end of our sweet female emotions but they refuse to be "vulnerable" and just ask in a direct way. No, they always have to be the overgrown, angry infant. The only thing that seems to work at getting them to finally stop being angry while you try to guess what they want is to flat out ask, in your most patient, sweet mommy voice "Is this getting you what you really want?" and wait for the very loud, defiant "NO!" so you can ask "What do you want, sweetie?" and wait for the sheepish reply. The answer is almost always more of your attention in one way or another. So just sigh and love on him. The argument about how much of the laundry, vacuuming and housecleaning you didn't get done while paying him and his children attention will come tomorrow!

Cool Link:
Brian and I saw these being used during a house remodel on TV one day. They're a really cool way to add interest and modern style to square openings that you wish were arched. Just another odd little link in my never-ending list of random internet places!

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Muggle Mom said...

hey girl! glad you finally jumped on the blogging wagon! i'm so addicted (as usual).