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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Have you ever known anyone that seemed to fit in your group of friends and yet no one in the group could really get past this one bad flaw of theirs? You find yourself wishing that they could read your mind and just change!

On the verge of an impending ward split I find myself not liking how our clique is already splitting up. My dearest friends in Summerwood are beginning to band together, leaving us in Eagle Springs to accept the new, slightly severed group of friends and move on. This could be good, in that it would break up strong cliques like ours and force us to widen our circle of friends. (Kelsey, you're especially good at this. I think I would just remain socially wounded for a while before I stumbled out to make new friends....) But for now it's sad to know the change is coming. Having lived through this once before, I know first-hand that once these cliques are somewhat disbanded and reform, the new cliques in the new wards will be even stronger and much more difficult to join.

Cool Link:
Online Retro Candy store that has lots of old-fashioned favorites. This is a great gift idea for dads & grandpas in the family that are IMPOSSIBLE to shop for! Call grandma and ask what their favorite old candy is. I know my dad loved the bubble gum cigarettes and the 1960 Retro Candy Gift Box has all of his favorites and some I'm sure he's forgotten about! (Shhh...he's getting a box shipped to him for his b-day!)

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