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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vinyl Lettering: How to Begin Cutting & Selling

Over a year ago I wrote a blog post titled Vinyl Cutting: Everything You Wanted to Know about how to use your Cricut, Silhouette, Wishblade or other vinyl cutting machine to cut vinyl lettering. To this day that post still shows up at the top of search engines and gets between ten and twenty hits per day. It's a lot of reading but it's one of the few places online where you can find detailed information about how to begin vinyl cutting.

I am a graphic designer for Peppermint Creative, creating hand drawn shapes and word art specifically designed for vinyl cutting machines. I absolutely love what I do, not only because I get to draw all day but because my work also helps others. The work I do from home helps other women and mothers like me stay at home and enjoy the benefits of at-home businesses. It is incredibly fulfilling and I very much wish to share my knowledge and know-how with others looking to begin their own vinyl businesses.

To accomplish this I have written a series of blog articles giving start-to-finish help for anyone looking to break in to the vinyl industry. I have seen what sells and what does not in the vinyl world and what makes one business succeed while another fails.

Hint: Vinyl shops that use graphics designed by professionals specifically intended for the vinyl industry, that are more unique than their competitor's typed text designs, enjoy more frequent and higher-dollar sales. This is because their product line is fresh, constantly added to and they can invest their time in creating more eye-catching example images. And as you know, your example images are everything and make or break your sales. This is what makes one vinyl business more successful than others: Investment in beautiful graphics and creating stunning product example images that generate a feeling of desire to buy the vinyl in the customers who view them.

Click HERE to read the Peppermint Creative Blog Vinyl Series
*Please note this is an already-written 9 part series so if you don't see all the posts, they will be posted shortly.

Want to try out our graphics? Grab our Freebie and put it to work for you! We offer a new freebie and brand new designs monthly so check back often.

If you have a vinyl business and are looking to increase your sales immediately, check out our entire line of WordArt, craft-friendly BlockArt and Hand Drawn Shapes. (Hand drawn means our shapes are exclusive to our site - they're not dingbats and you won't find them anywhere else! Yet they're smoother and cleaner cutting than fonts because of our own 3-step optimization process.)

All our commercial vector graphics come with a commercial license so you can cut and sell as much vinyl as you want. Our freebies are commercial use, too, so you can try our graphics and grow your sales without any expense! Each graphic pack contains unwelded, repositionable elements, in addition to regular welded designs, that allow you to mix and match embellishment pieces and word art phrases to create your shop's own unique product offerings. You can even use the pieces to make brand new vinyl designs that only your shop cuts and sells! It's everything you'd get from hiring a professional graphic designer without investing hundreds in each design.
File formats we sell: EPS, SVG, GSD (personal use packs only) with JPG and PNG files included in each download so you can quickly add your new graphics to your existing catalogs.
Have more questions? Leave a comment! Peppermint Creative does not sell cut vinyl and we're always interested in helping your business succeed!


Angela Alvin said...

Starting up a Vinyl Word Art lettering or sign business can become very lucrative if established properly and advertised widely. The core part of any vinyl lettering business is the purchase of a vinyl cutter printer which cuts the letttering into vinyl sheets. For a headache-free start up, the best place to begin is to purchase a package which includes the cutter along with the software graphics package. Though this is the central part of what makes the business work, creative advertising and demonstration of the product as well as proper record keeping are also important to keeping the business operational.

Jennifer Bodily said...

Thank you, for sharing your knowledge with me. I've been really wanting to do this and wasn't sure where to begin.

Jennifer Bodily said...
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Jade Graham said...

Have more questions? Leave a comment! Peppermint Creative does not sell cut vinyl and we're always interested in helping your business succeed! vinyl lettering

Anonymous said...
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