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Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to find New Customers & Sell More Vinyl for your Online or Local Vinyl Cutting Business

Finding customers is easy if you know where to look but sometimes the easiest tasks can be elusive. I have compiled a list of ways to drum up quick and easy business to get your cut vinyl lettering sales up!

This is part of the vinyl cutting business informational series I wrote for the blog. It's not an e-book and it's totally free & unlike any other compilation of help you'll find online for learning how to start a vinyl business. (That's because vinyl businesses are so profitable, owners don't have TIME to go back and write how they started because they're busy cutting, weeding and making money!) Plus there are additional tips for keeping your ideas fresh and innovative so customers keep coming back for more of your vinyl lettering designs!

How much can I make per month selling cut vinyl lettering with my Cricut (with Sure-Cuts-A-Lot SCAL software), Silhouette SD, Wishblade, Inspiration, Gazelle, Craft Robo or other vinyl cutting machine?

A "tiny" mom-run business that sells vinyl by placing photos, prices and a contact e-mail for placing orders on a free blog site with part-time work of 10 or less hours per week makes around $200 per month. This jumps to $300-$400 if selling on eBay, and/or is added. $500 or more per month in sales is easily attainable with the tips & advice on how to increase local vinyl sales and repeat vinyl orders that is found on the Blog Vinyl Cutting Series of articles.

Vinyl selling makes so much money because even large, blank walls can be filled for under $50 and the vinyl is customizeable, comes in dozens of different colors to match every decor and is easily affordable for every budget. In fact, cut vinyl designs for baby nurseries and children's rooms is THE NUMBER ONE MOST POPULAR REQUEST and the thing MOST SOLD ONLINE because babies continue to be born and nurseries continue to be converted to "big kid" rooms and moms want those blank walls decorated, even in a down economy.

Click HERE to view our huge selection of Nursery designs!
Including: monkey, jungle, safari, princess, pirate ship, rodeo cowboy, garden bug, butterfly & ladybug, woodland trees, owls, giraffes, elephants, alligators, lions, tigers, moon & stars, surfboard & palm tree surf shack, surfer girl, beach, seashell & starfish and TONS of other desins including the always-popular whimsical MONOGRAM MATS & Bracket Mats & Boutique Borders for creating stunning vinyl wall monograms that moms can't help but fall in love with!


Click HERE to read simple ways you can attract new customers without paying for advertising!

Find ways to sell more vinyl locally and online and turn your cricut, silhouette SD, wishblade, inspiration, gazelle, craft robo or vinyl cutting machine into an at home small business where you can EASILY make several hundred and up to several thousands of extra income every month!

Why is all this help free?

When I began designing graphics for Peppermint Creative I wanted to help other stay-at-home moms like myself earn enough extra income that they could STAY at home! Family is very important to me and I believe that a strong family is the foundation for a moral society; which I feel we are beginning to lack in this day and age. Drawing is what I love and if doing what I love can help others stay at home too, I want to do it even more!

When I realized the lack of good, reliable information was the only thing holding most women back from turning their vinyl cutting hobby into a profitable business I began writing articles on my blog and complied a series for the Peppermint Creative blog. This isn't an e-book. We don't profit from the information on the blog. All of it is intended to help you realize how truly EASY it is to begin selling cut vinyl and completed vinyl home decor. Give it a try - we even have 100% FREE Commercial-Use Graphic Freebies in EPS, SVG and GSD with JPG & PNG image files you can download, cut and sell just to try it out, without ever spending a dime. The vinyl industry is so lucrative, you'll make money your first month and when business is so good you don't have time to create your own designs, I'd love to help! In the meantime I'm going to keep you well-stocked with fresh, always-rotating freebies to help get your business off the ground. :)

Read the info, download the freebies and give it a try! We'll keep you updated on new freebies and newsletter members get additional discounts and even coupon codes for more FREE commercial graphic downloads! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me directly at TaySilverGraphics[at]!

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weeding and making money!) Plus there are additional tips for keeping your ideas fresh and innovative so customers keep coming back for more of your vinyl lettering designs! vinyl cut lettering online