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Friday, September 26, 2008

Show Off

WARNING: Bragging of the worst kind after TWO YEARS of not being able to wear anything skinny is below!

Who knew it would be a hurricane that helped me reach my goal? The stress of it combined with my house-turned-sauna over two weeks did the trick:

Thanks for the new wardrobe offer babe but the look on your face when you saw what jeans I had on last night was all I needed. ;) Second to college, this is the longest goal I have worked towards and reached. I'm proud of myself!

If this blog post surprises you then let me say it surprised me, too. Earlier this week I grabbed my old jeans by accident (I have the same jeans a size up) when I was running out of clean clothes after Ike. I slid them on, seriously ANGRY about why they were so tight and how could I have possibly gained weight eating so much lean grilled food? Then I realized the design on the pocket was slightly different and ripped them off in disbelief to gawk at the tag. We'll be eating a lot more grilled chicken and veggies from now on!

1 comment:

Muggle Mom said...

WOOHOO!!!!!! awesome job! :) you look fabulous!