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Thursday, September 25, 2008


The power came back on Wednesday afternoon. I spent most of the evening running around like a manic OCD cleaning lady, scrubbing the wind-blown dirt off everything in sight. The task is daunting. I SWORE that I wouldn't turn my computer on today but Super Saturday things needed to be tended to and it was unavoidable. Which means writing on my blog was unavoidable....LOL!

I miss my CT's so much. Thank you for all understanding, the prayers and the encouragement to put my boys first. The kitchen is gleaming and I'm already feeling better! Nothing like a hurricane to force you to scrub your fridge & freezer out like new and then spring clean all over again....

I have sooooo much to talk about but my time online needs to be short. For now let me point you towards Miss Mint's newly redesigned and STUNNING! website with 28 New Products!!! I'm itching to get the hybrids I completed before Ike (and during the power outages) up in the gallery but I can't stand to look at dirty things a moment longer so I'll post them as soon as I can!

I also haven't forgotten my promise to post a list of the things my 12 days without electricity taught me to have on-hand. So much to do!

A special thank you to Kelsey Call and Krissy Cotten. I practically lived at their houses, using their washer, dryer, water & electricity to keep our family clean and healthy this last week. (Not to mention their Chi irons to keep me looking somewhat human.) I am humbled that they generously fed us so many lunches and dinners. How can I ever thank you? Earrings & other handmade baubles seem like they're not enough (although I can hear Kelsey objecting - a new pair of earrings for a load of wash would be fine with her!) Thank you ladies. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I'm not used to being on the recieving end so you can rest assured I'll tip the scales even once again with something truly delightful but that I know will never be near the unselfish love and concern you showed my family these last twelve days. Sincerely, thank you.

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