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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thank You TXU!

I got a very sudden and unexpected voice mail from a nice gentleman at TXU last week. After my PUC complaint, he had reviewed my account and found everything had previously been restored. My account showed I was on the 13.9¢ lock-in rate plan and my voice recording was there. There was no evidence there had ever been a problem except for a credit to my account from March to this month for being slightly over-billed at 14.2¢. He apologized for the confusion of whoever I had spoken with at customer service and admitted to his own confusion but assured me my account was as it should be. My bill reflected the right information and a MUCH more reasonable electriciy charge. (Well, reasonable for August any ways! LOL!)

Thank you to whoever took the initiative to check on my account, do the research and correct it long before it was reviewed by the complaint department. I know I have one or two readers with the power to do this and I want you to know I very sincerely appreciate it!

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