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Monday, August 25, 2008

Every mom needs head shots!

Seriously. I think they do. Just one picture in the house of yourself looking fabulous so you can smile as you push the vacuum past it with your hair pulled back, no makeup on and wearing mis-matched workout clothes with your toddler hanging onto the cord, ripping off the on-board attachments and throwing them at the dog as you go. (Hmm, guess what I was doing this morning!) LOL!

After combing through the fifty plus pics Kelsey snapped I have somehow narrowed down my favorites. Brian loves them and I have to agree, she really did an incredible job! I will confess, however, that I've had to learn to just listen to her and wear layers of bright clothes and ridiculously chunky jewelry. When I do, my photos have always come out looking cute. I need my shots for creative team bio pages so I look a bit more funky & fashiony, which is acceptable for us nutty, creative types, but you get the idea! :D

Okay, this pic is the perfect example. I showed up to her house looking like I had gotten dressed in the dark in jeans with a light blue tank top under a hot pink tank top which was then under a vibrant orange tee. I piled on a denim jacket, an apple green scraf and two bright-colored necklaces with those huge earrings. For whatever reason I feel like I don't "show up" in pictures. I always seem washed out. The vibrant colors and gobs of layers help.

Same photo with a different crop. You can't do this to me Kels! It makes things MUCH harder to pick from! LOL!

This one has been a surprise favorite. When I began to overheat in my five layers and scarf (in August) it started to show in the pictures. Kels had me take the jacket & scarf off then snapped this. Sure enough, loosing the layers helped!

Next time you get family pictures taken, don't be shy about asking for a few of just you. Your hubby will love having one at work and you'll be grateful for the shot on those random occasions when you need to submit a photo of yourself for something. I think I'm going to start adding this on to our photo shoots a couple times per year. Kels usually doesn't mind because I hold still and don't try to topple her studio lights! LOL! Hmmm, maybe I can get a few of Brian by himself at our family shoot in November!


HeatherK said...

awww, lookit you! Beautiful shots, just beautiful!

emblair said...

Great pics, Tay! Can't think of the last time I had a decent one of me taken!

Alisha said...

So cute! I love the photos! I think it's time we need more family photos.