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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Things That Make Me Laugh

Life with a toddler is nuts! I still take lots of pictures to scrap with and as I have been looking through them, I find so many that are just hilarious! Here are some from our everyday life:

One day last week Aiden really got in to these goggles! They are the "safety glasses" that came with the play chain saw Aunt Emily & Uncle Jeremy gave Aiden the Christmas I was pregnant with him.

He would want me to put them on and then he would just go play!

He'd had them on so long, it left a mark! Oh, I should probably explain the horribly messy shirt. This was right after dinner the same day that he discovered EVERYTHING could be dribbled out of his mouth forcefully. He was about to go in the tub any ways...until he saw the goggles and wanted them again!

I took these pictures of my little refigerator raider this morning. Stinker! Right for the eggs!

That's french onion veggie dip he has in his hand. If my fridge looks empty it's because many of the contents are on the floor behind him.

Here's the little blue eyed cutie enjoying the sugar cookies we made....

....and running off with the frosting tub!

He seems to really like frosting! (Hehe, I love that sucked-in belly! He was trying to vacuum the frosing out of the bottom of the tub that he couldn't reach!)

Spitting out ALL his cough medicine the doctor prescribed him when he had croup two weeks ago. I couldn't help but laugh aloud and grab the camera! Love that face!

He knows he's a riot! Notice he's also removed his shorts and you can see the band-aid where he got his steroid shot. This kid is a mess!

On Saturday I stumbled across a copy of Playful Parenting by Lawrence Cohen at our local library and was so excited! I have wanted to read it and have had it sitting in my Amazon shopping cart to add on to the next order I place. I'm only a chapter in but it is an incredibly awesome book. It's how to use play to connect with your children and avoid being angry or having fights over the little things, like whining, dawdling & tantrums, that don't really need serious discipline. He's got some great suggestions but really, he encourages parents to just get on the floor and play. It's worked well for us lately. Thanks, Bri, for being so supportive. I know you have seen how much happier Aiden is in the evenings and I'm surprised that somehow all the housework is getting done and still leaving time for my hobbies, even WITH all the playing we do! I love that Aiden doesn't seem upset when I have to go back to my chores. He knows that all he has to do is let out that special squeal-giggle of his and I know he wants to play another round of chase! (Chase always ends with him running at me, arms up for a huge hug. I love it!) I'm proud of myself for learning to drop what I am doing so I can play. It's made me a little less sad about how fast he's growing and made me feel a little less guilty for all the other things I have going on while these precious days are ticking away.

Okay, back to the mayhem I go!


MaryAnn said...

The pictures of Aiden are priceless. I'm sooooo glad you are enjoying him. I love you!

MaryAnn said...
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Alisha said...

So so cute! I love his goggles, and in the fridge he looks priceless! Enjoy the moments because it seems like they grow up way too fast! I hope he's feeling better too!

emblair said...

Okay, so Aiden just gets cuter and cuter every day! Glad he's liking the chainsaw toy...or at least the goggles!