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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Cost of Time

I think I just did enough volunteer work and acts of kindness in the last three weeks to get me past the pearly gates of Heaven! LOL! These last few weeks have been very hard on me. If you've been around me, maybe you've noticed that I have been slightly more moody and lost my "spark". I was mad at myself for not respecting my own time and allowing myself to do too much. At 27 I have finally reached that point where I realize I am a creative, talented person and my time is worth more than pennies per hour. (I can hear Brian cheering!)

With that said, I am posting a list of what I now charge for all of my services. I have been too nice and inconvenienced the man I love for too long by being gone in the evenings, letting the house go and coming home with nothing to show for what I have been doing. I'll always volunteer but I won't do near as much for free as I did in the month of June. I don't want anyone reading this to feel bad if you've ever asked me to do something. There's nothing I love more than being helpful and generous with my talents and my time. But I have a lot of hobbies that I share and with the new part-time business venture I have begun working on, I have to manage my time better. This is just to ensure that I begin respecting my own time and getting paid for some of the 18 hours I am awake, since I am doing something every second!

Here's the price list:

Photoshop Help: $8 per hour, evenings only.
Or please see the $82 Online Photoshop Class at Kingwood College if you'd enjoy learning everything photoshop has to offer at your own pace.

Baby Bracelets for Friends, Local pick-up (6 inches & smaller): $6
Re-size Baby Bracelets: $2 per bracelet
SMALL Dangle Earrings for Friends: $12
Regular-Sized Dangle Earrings for Friends: $16
Other Adult Jewelry for Friends: Depends on what you want. The rule of you setting your own budget still applies. (ie: if you want to spend $12, I can make you a bracelet that uses mostly glass. If you want to spend $25 I can make you a bracelet with gemstone & Swarovski crystals.)

Vinyl Lettering (Premade Designs): My set price for each design. Most will be $10-$40 if I sell them at all. Hint: I may be designing vinyl lettering but not cutting it on my machine!
"Just a Small Name" Vinyl Lettering: $3 per name or $15 for an 8.5x15 inch sheet with as many names as will fit (Fonts ONLY. No photoshop designs.)
"Just One Word" Vinyl Lettering: $10 per word. ALL will be 15 inches or shorter in length. (Fonts ONLY. No photoshop designs, no added flourishes.)
Custom Vinyl Lettering Designs: Not offered. I will change my mind for a $50 design fee in addition to $10 per foot.

*Please note that all vinyl lettering names will be approximate sizes only. My craft cutter does not give me the option of sizing the letters exactly. It's always just a guess and more often than not things come out a little larger than expected.

Babysitting: $20 per hour. (Unless you and I have already arranged a trade.) I can't work while I babysit so I need to be paid the same amount per hour for it to be worth my time. Josie this does not apply to you. Aiden NEEDS to see Olivia once a week! He loves her. I'll pay you to bring her over! ;)

I know these prices are steep but compared to what I will be earning with my part-time photoshop work, I will no longer be able to spend time doing other things unless I am being compensated equally as well for my time away from the computer. Now I can't wait to show all my friends and family what I have been working on - SOON!!!


Ingrid said...

I'm totally behind you Tay ! I should follow your example ! Love how you listed everything ! Hilarious !

Miss Mint said...

BRAVO! I love the price list - very reasonable. Your friends are lucky to have someone so talented in the neighbourhood and yes, you definitely deserve to be compensated for your time. ;)

joscelyne cutchens said...

Good For YOU (and your family and your sanity!) tay!

Bridger said...

That is AWESOME! I totally agree that if you are too nice you can totally get taken advantage of. Hopefully this will help you give service, etc at your specified level and not feel obliged to do it more often than you want to commit to.