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Sunday, March 2, 2008

What's New

Oh, there are a dozen different things going on over here! Let's start with the most obvious. I have added a few little scrapped category titles to my blog, which were inspired by the incredible blogs of some of the gals on my new CT. Here is Teresa's gorgeous blog with it's cutesy font titles and this is Jayne's stunning blog with her doodle category headers! (I also LOVE her friend Kim's blog. Kim owns this darling apron boutique and has a great eye for colors!) You may have noticed on some of my pages that I have gotten into punky skulls for Aiden and when I saw that Jayne's scrapped header had one with a hairbow, I just had to use that idea! (Okay, now run along and copy the scrapped titles so we can all have trendy blogs!)

Next, all the activity over at Jen Wilson Designs has been entirely too much fun. I have been chatting with the gals until the wee hours of the morning, submitting ideas and just contributing to the general mayhem on the forums. The challenges are going beautifully and if you haven't been playing along, or ever shopped with Jen, you might want to head on over to JWD and see what is up. While you're there, you can snag some of her 75¢ items that the "Sock Monster" has been leaving us during the launch of her Laundry Line collection. (The papers are a MUST at this price. Jen is a big-name designer who is famous for her papers. Trust me, the depth and texture is amazing!)

Case in point, here is the layout I scrapped for the fifth challenge:

The sixth challenge will be posted sometime tomorrow so if you want to scrap along and try to win some prizes, come join us!

Other new stuff: the playroom is getting lots of use, although some of the larger aspects of the project have been put on hold. I've had the first of my spring bead orders arrive and I'm preparing for the Easter rush, which is just beginning to hit. Some of my cat eye bead colors are no longer available, because of dye lot differences, so if you had your heart set on something GET OVER HERE BEFORE IT'S GONE! Spring is my busiest time of year and it doesn't slow down until after July 4th. I get a month to re-stock and then back-to-school orders for fall begin to pour in. I wish I could say there is a new trend in jewelry but it's kind of the same old stuff. Bright multi bracelets for spring have been popular, purple is picking up and brown & brights together have been a frequent request. I am kind of excited to get a break to play in my beads so I can make myself jewelry to match some of the new shirts I ordered online. (But that break won't come until late March when Jen & Miss Mint are done with all the product debuts and Aiden's birthday is over.)

PC News: Miss Mint has been very quiet and hard at work on several things! Something fabulous is on it's way! It's the first of the month so start watching the site for new products and other fun news. ;)

WHEW! I think that is it for this afternoon! I'll try to break away and post more as I get word on new products and can *finally* share some of the fun, secret things these designers have been working on!

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Just adorable & cool stuff!!!