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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Scrappers, Have A Few Extra Bucks?

I have been really enjoying these 75¢ goodies. Take a peek and pick them up. You'll love having them on-hand: (images are linked to the product pages)

These little fabric swatches are AWESOME! Jen has somehow managed to give them incredible texture and realism, complete with stray threads and everything! The frayed edges look great and these can be covered in another paper using a clipping mask. (Ctrl-G or Ctrl-Alt-G for CS2 & 3)

Cute, versatile little fabric tags. Love the various eyelets! I've been using them like tabs & tucking them behind photos, layering them with other elements & journaling on them. A hundred different uses for under a buck!

Purple and hot pink papers by JEN WILSON for only 75¢??? If you have girls, get these! I bought this set before I was on the CT because I really liked the blue, green and ivory shades for Aiden, too.

Looking for light pink & black? Check out THIS other girlie paper pack by Jen!

If you scrap for boys, you know how impossible it is to find good papers. I know these look like plain old solids but they're not. They're heavily textured with a fabulous roughed-up edge and lots of grit & grime! Every color in the "Second Six" solid pack - shown first on here - is gorgeous and sooooo useful! I also love the brown paper in the "First Six" pack, shown second.

You can pair these with ANY other paper for a great looking page. I really like dots & stripes and am forever searching for a unique, grungy solid to complement my favorite patterns from other paper packs. This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!

The sock monster keeps dropping off new little finds every 48 hours or so. I'll continue to post my favorite new scrap items here so you can get in on the good deals, too!

PC News: Look for new goodies late this week! (Maybe into the weekend.) I don't have any details that I can share, other than Miss Mint has been working on a dozen different projects!

JW News: The ice storm in Canada has taken out Jen's internet. Of course, no new goodies or challenges are going to be posted until she's back on. Until then, take my word and get the sock monster items while they're still priced low!


The Snowpack said...

I just found your blog through Emily. I am Brian's cousin, Megan (Meads) Snow. I hope you don't mind. Hey I need your email to invite you to mine. Send it to Emily and she can email it to me. Love to blog with ya.

Kelsey said...

I'm glad you like to find these deals to share with us! You're so good at it! THANKS!