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Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Thoughts

Brian has been gone for five days today and before he gets home this afternoon, I wanted to write about what I have learned while he's been away. First, the evenings are worse when I know he's coming home! When they were mine and I could do as I pleased, I moved dinner & bath time up, added a bit more play time before bed and had Aiden down 10-15 minutes earlier than usual. It worked well to get us through that AWFUL 4:30-6 pm part of the day where Aiden is sick of every toy and every thing in the house!

Next, I have realized that Brian does help me around the house a lot. Him helping out in the evenings somehow doubles the amount of work I am able to get done during the day. Here is what I mean: Brian loads the dishes, takes out the trash, bathes Aiden, does his own laundry and helps me with other laundry like towels, blankets & sheets. During the day I don't stress about the dishes or the trash and instead, tend to the other things like bathroom cleaning or vacuuming. When he's gone, so much less seems to get done. I'm not able to get all of the things accomplished in a day that I could normally do because I'm not having any outside help. It's made me appreciate him and have more respect for my girlfriends whose husbands don't help out as much.

I have missed having Brian around and I know Aiden has certainly missed him. We're all excited for him to get home!

The Challenge: It's going really well and has been a lot of fun! The designer has refused to pick a favorite layout so everyone who participated was entered into a drawing and she used a random number generator to pick a winner. I like this idea because it's given the whole challenge a light-hearted, relaxed feel and everyone is leaving each other the sweetest comments! (Plus, the designer doesn't have to get slammed with gobs of angry e-mails from scrappers who didn't have the "best" layout! There are some sore loosers out there, let me tell you....) The random lucky winner wasn't me but I'm perfectly happy to be playing along and getting to know a whole new batch of CT gals. They've got a really fun team!

For the Silvers: The tulip magnolia tree you gave to us is beginning to bloom and it's GORGEOUS! The tree is about five feet tall now and has fist-size hot pink blooms. I can't recall if I have ever seen a hot pink variety of this tree - only light pink - but I absolutely love looking out the kitchen window at it!


MaryAnn said...

I'm so excited that it's blooming. I loved that tree so enjoy its beauty for me.
Love ya!

Kelsey said...

Glad Bri is home- we all need to take a massive shopping and spa trip now! =)