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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finally, a PINK page!

Here's another layout I did for the challenge! This time we were supposed to scrap a photo of ourselves and journal about something personal:

I used my favorite quote for the title. The microscopic journaling reads: I am the person everyone can be themselves around. Not only because I am laid back and understanding, but I am also the most likely to embarrass myself first! I am oblivious, sacrastic, optimistic, outspoken, accident prone and on medication for attention deficit disorder. I'm certainly one of a kind and am loving every minute of it! The world can only handle one Tay.

The challenges are going well (some would say TOO well) and it has been fun to scrap some totally different style pages. In fact, I liked this page so much I re-scrapped it for my header!


Kelsey said...

It's so fun to see something girly from you! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT! Can't wait for your big announcement! The suspense is killing me!

Di said...

You are crazy creative! Way to go on the LO.

Alisha said...

I really like your know you could probably make a killing scrapping other peoples pages (like mine) that don't look so hot!