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Monday, November 5, 2007


The crew was here around 9:30 am and began demo, which only took a few hours. By noon this is what the house looked like:

Can you tell I have been cramped up in one of two rooms all day with very little to do? The title is symbolic of all the CRAP we found under the carpet and baseboards! Lots of nails and a few other odds & ends. There were even some M&M's under the washer & dryer.....I did take advantage of the opportunity to sweep and vacuum up all the debris. I feel much better having it gone! Any ways, that's what our house looks like with no floors. Brian, Aiden and I had a pic nic on the slab in the kitchen and ate Sonic burgers while the crew went back to pick up the tile and to have some lunch of their own. As of right now tile is going in the living room and kitchen. I can't wait!!!

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