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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crashes & Blow-Outs

Yesterday afternoon, during the thunderstorm, our power went out while the computer was still on. I actually had Photoshop open and was working on the corn maize layout when it shut off. When I turned it on after the storm, it was giving me an error message that the C drive wasn't formatted and it had lost a bunch of files. Important files, like ALL my digital scrap stuff and some of Aiden's baby pictures! I had to open the DOS prompt screen and run a check disk which took four hours to complete, ruining my evening of scrapping. I put Aiden in his exersaucer this morning so I could check the files on the computer and he had a total diaper blow out IN the exersaucer! Luckily everything is washable and the computer recovered the lost files, including the layout I finished:

This corn maize was fun! They're a great hike and Brian and I like to do them in the dark, when it's cooler and just a bit more quiet. (There aren't any small children crying because they think their family is lost!) Aiden slept like a log through the whole thing. Motion puts him to sleep and I think he really liked the soft fleece blanket we put in there for him to lean on.

It's much cooler outside today! Yeah! Hopefully the heat doesn't return until next May. (I can dream, right?) I'm going over to Becca's at 11:30 and then shopping later this afternoon. That should make for a great day!!

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Kelsey said...

That is TOO cute! Glad your computer survived! Can you imagine loosing all that? Ouch!