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Friday, September 7, 2007

Way Too Hot!

It's entirely too steamy this time of year. I LOOOOOVE the fall but really, September is just as bad as August. By the way, the average first day of a cold front hitting is September 21. Last year the first one hit Sept 19 and it was 75 during the day and 60 at night for a few days. (I keep track of these things!) I already have dibs on an outdoor photo shoot with Kelsey the first weekend it cools off. I am just DYING for some shots of Aiden outdoors in natural light! But I'm not willing to risk heat stroke trying to take them now....

I can't get a grip on how fast the year is coming to a close. I had Aiden in March, only the 3rd month into the year, and now we're 3.5 months from the end of it. I simply cannot believe how time flies when you have a baby! Worse, my schedule is filling up so quickly. I just bought a 2008 planner today because my I know my parents will soon be asking what we are doing for new year's. (They always do that. Any year they don't see us at Christmas they nearly have a panic attack and insist on seeing us for New Years. I'm so glad all us kids are married this christmas. Now we can force my folks to grow up!)

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