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Thursday, September 6, 2007

It Doesn't Bother Me!!!

I love working in Photoshop. I love doing invites, birth announcements, cards and digital scrapbooking. On most days I enjoy playing in the bead room. But for my friends, no matter what the activity, I always enjoy helping. (Yes, even with earrings Kelsey!) What good is a talent if you don't share it? Sure, maybe I could make a fortune off my photoshop skills, but it's more fun to "donate" my time and create for my friends the gorgeous cards that people our age often cannot afford at full price. I know I really enjoy my best friend and her generosity with her photography talent. For the rest of my life I will have Aiden's beautiful, professional baby pictures and unlike my friends in Dallas, I didn't have to pay $300 per session. Really, aren't I getting the better end of the deal?

I really like our group of friends. We are some creative gals. (And for those of you who don't feel creative, we love you a ton any ways!) I am greatful that I have so many good friends that encourage my talents!

Cool Link:
This is my new go-to site for great gifts for parents & grandparents who already have everything. (Can you tell I'm getting some Christmas shopping done?) This site has gorgeous holiday decor and some truly handy outdoor items. I can't think of anyone over 50 who wouldn't adore a nice copper bird feeder. Use coupon code ENT2007 for 20% off orders over $50.


Kelsey said...

I was waiting for an update since it has been all of 3 days! =) I check every day- I'm such a looser. You're so sweet! LOVE YA RIGHT BACK!

Muggle Mom said...

so are you encouraging us to bug you to make jewlry and photoshop things? ;) i haven't bugged you in a long time though.