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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Love TCP!!!

Believe it or not, Aiden needed a few short sleeve tops in 6-12 months. (That's the size he's in now.) He's grown faster than I expected so we're busing into the clothes I thought he wouldn't be wearing until winter. He only has about 5 short sleeve shirts and since it's 95 outside and Aiden drools like a maniac, we go through them quickly!

The Children's Place is having a sale - like always - and I was able to snag some really cute tees for $4 and $5 each! I also picked up some camo shorts for $5.59 and a pirate sword for his dress up collection that I couldn't resist for $5.50. (I'm really in to dress ups for boys and girls, although I think boy dress up stuff is MUCH more fun!!)

Cool Link:
I'm hesitant to give this link away because it's been an Ace up my sleeve that I haven't used. This site sells fairly pricey - but extremely cute - baby socks that look like shoes! Aiden has a pair of the red high-top looking ones and they really are adorable on. If you need to buy a baby gift for someone who has EVERYTHING, check out the girl's "Pixies" or Ballerina socks. Both are precious and sure to be a hit.

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