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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Aiden Sees His First Movie in the Theater!

Yes, I've been neglecting my blog but for good reasons. :) Aiden and I have been enjoying lots of play time and today I took him to see his very first movie in a theater! We saw Pixar's Monster's vs. Aliens and it was cute enough but Pixar has done much better. The forward-thinking psych student in me liked that there was a couple role reversals (ie: females filling typically male roles, females in distress relying on their own strength) while the Tay in me LOVED the bits of grown-up humor thrown in. When they flash to the CNN-type news screen scene, be sure to read the weather ticker along the bottom - quite funny! The inept President and the armchair villian with his ridiculously sultry-sounding space ship were humorous as well. :D

Here are some pictures I took of Aiden's first moviegoing experience. Luckily we were one of two mommy & son couples in the whole theater so it was okay that we climbed over a few arm rests, cried for a minute and threw our Insectosaurus toy on the ground. Twice. Here is Aiden watching the "loud TV", holding his popcorn & sippy cup so mom can't have any as he watches the previews:

I smuggled in Sprite inside his sippy cup, which he loves, and the popcorn was a HUGE hit:

Here is Aiden on the edge of his seat while the new Pixar "UP" movie sneak peek is showing. He shouted "orange balloon!" about ten times after this....LOL!

Still clutching the popcorn with his cheeks stuffed full:

Finally he agrees to share some when I ask him for the fifth time:

It was a fun afternoon for us! He wasn't bad at all so I got to see almost the whole movie. Afterwards the day of spoiling continued with a Happy Meal and a Bob the Blob toy inside! It's really fun to know we can take him to go see movies now.
So who was my favorite character? Well, of course Susan because I like Reese Witherspoon, but ladies man Missing Link made me crack up the most so it's a tie. :) Aiden just keeps saying "robot" so I'm guessing the giant alien clone robot was the one he liked best?!! He called it Wall-E during the movie. Close enough...ROFL!


emblair said...

He's such a handsome little dude!

Laura & Daniel said...

Holy cow he is getting big. We need to make time to come down and visit before he grows up much more!

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