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Monday, February 16, 2009

Unpleasant Reminders & Creative Solutions

I ran into a girlfriend at the gym today and had a delightful time catching up with her! She's a total sweetheart and every bit as crafty as I am but MUCH better with a sewing machine! I e-mailed her tonight to forward a link I had mentioned and she replied with the stomach-twisting news that her car had been broken in to and her purse stolen while she was at our new local gym.

I was sickened and stunned to hear the gym, which opened nine days ago, has already been targeted. Criminals know that us mommies don't want to tote our purses inside with us and so they wait and watch for one to be left behind. It's so unfair! We don't THINK of leaving the house with our children without the basic essentials, including a debit card or enough cash to cover the co-pay should you need a quick pediatrician or minor emergency trip if there's an unexpected accident. Then you've got to have your keys, your phone, your driver's license and your gym membership card on top of your water bottle, iPod and whatever else you like to have for your workout. If leaving your purse hidden in the car while you take in only what you need is not an option, what's a girl to do?

I tell you what we're going to do! We're going to beat thieves at their own game and look totally fabulous while doing it! Having been the victim of theft on a couple of past occasions myself, I had a seller on Etsy custom make me this little gym keeper:

It's a 5.50 inch tall, fully-lined pouch with two zippers. (The image above shows the back, click here to see the front.) There is a zipper on top that opens into the largest compartment for storing your cell phone, iPod and other girlie stuff (like my chapstick). There is another smaller zippered pocket on the front that is sized for your driver's license, gym membership card and cash. Off to the side is a swivel-hook where you can clip your car or locker keys or simply clip the pouch to your beltloop.

I requested the little white elastic band be added to the back of mine so I can easily slip the whole she-bang over my water bottle and set it in the cup holder when I'm on the elliptical machines. This way I don't have to get a locker just so I can stash my car keys like I did today.

My gym keeper hasn't arrived yet but I think Theresa's creation is a great idea for us busy moms on the go. I'm hoping you'll join me in supporting her clever product AND thwarting future criminals! Maybe by word-of-mouth we can start a trend with far-reaching positive effects. If you'd like to custom design your own gym keeper, set up a free buying account on (kind of like eBay for all things handmade) and then convo (contact) Theresa and tell her Tay sent you. She'll know what you want!

Updated To Add: Theresa heard about the theft and is giving my friends a 15% discount on your entire purchase! Simply convo her and mention you were referred by me (reference my Etsy ID: TheClutteredMuse) and she'll adjust your paypal invoice. Happy shopping!


Angela said...

I love this idea. I have just been carting around my ipod and keys and water bottle (and leaving my wallet home) at the gym. It is getting old. I am off to look at her site.

emblair said...

Clever, as always!

Kelsey said...

Theives make me sick. Especially since she thinks they were watching her. That is really scarey. I just carry my gym card and hope I dont get pulled over by a cop on the way there or home! =)

Melissa said...

Tay - you have the best ideas. I love you blog!