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Monday, December 8, 2008

Write Something Tay!

I tend to do things in reverse order don't I? Let's back up and I'll tell you about Thanksgiving.

It was a blast! We broke the trip up into two legs, staying one night with Brian's brother Dan and his wife Laura in Dallas. We caravaned the rest of the way up, girls in one car and boys in the other. I had way too much fun talking with Laura! We need to do that every year! Aiden rode with us gals and Dan was patient with my just-at-the-speed-limit driving. When I suddenly blew past them on the highway doing 85, heading for the nearest exit with Laura rapidly punching buttons on the GPS, they didn't have to call and ask why. Aiden had woken up and was howling for food. We stoped almost in the middle of nowhere at an A&W that was inside a gas station. It was very easy to tell the holiday travelers from the locals. LOL!

All the in-laws made it up to OKC on Wednesday and so did Brian's cousin Melissa that also lives in Houston. There were 9 kiddos, including newborn Kyra, so Aiden had plenty of playmates! I enjoyed all the girls and even went with them to go see Twilight again. (Ugh. It's just as bad the second time.) We had a nice meal - or as nice as you can have with Aiden throwing food around my MIL's elegant carpeted front dining room - and then we had Christmas with everyone on Saturday. We had some gifts we were excited to give and I was SOOOOOOOO thrilled to get a Bamboo Fun designer tablet!!!

Black Friday was a lot of fun for me, too. I had a list of places I wanted to go and when I was ready before my other SIL's were, I stopped at Old Navy first to kill time until I met them at Khols. I never made it to Khols. Instead I loaded my cart at Old Navy up with a whole new set of work out capris (the gym needs to hurry up and open!), several pairs of $4-and-under denim & khaki capris and gobs of maternity items I found for $1.99 and $3.99. (No, I'm not pregnant. This is for late next year.) The best deal of the day was the cute denim cropped shorts I got for $1.99. Seriously! Black Friday rocks!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I did fall down the stairs at my in-laws. The holidays wouldn't be complete without the thud-thud-thud of my body crashing down the steps at least once. (Growing up I never lived in a house with stairs. That's my excuse.) And yes, I was wearing my Twilight 'Accident Prone' shirt when I fell!


Kelsey said...

You need to slow down. January is coming! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! You rock!

emblair said...

Love that you were wearing your shirt when you fell. I should get one too for the next time I open the car door into my face. Jeremy still doesn't understand how that happened!