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Monday, December 1, 2008

We're Back!

Just a VERY quick blog post to say we are back in town! It took us 12 hours to get home last night from OKC, which normally is only an 8.5 hour drive with stops. UGH! Traffic was awful! As if it could get worse, I had a sinus infection on top of yesterday's 24 hour stomach bug. Brian had to pull in to a gas station so I could throw up. I didn't even make it out of the car - I puked all over the concrete in front of the gas pump. (We're all well now. Aiden and most of his cousins caught the bug over the weekend before we left town.) Thank goodness Christmas is at my house this year and we don't have to travel!

I paused quickly to check my e-mail and was flattered to find several jewelry orders & requests waiting for me. I'll begin working on them this week so you have them quickly! I am retrieving my earring inventory, which has been to craft fairs, Canton and back, so everyone is welcome to stop by and see what I have. There are some petite single-drop earrings I am clearancing at FOUR DOLLARS per pair. That's COST for the gemstone, sterling silver and Swarovski crystal. But hurry, I'm sending Brian to work with most of my marked-down inventory on Monday December 8 for the fabulous, trendy women he works downtown with and I don't anticipate him coming home with much!

NEW Holiday Card Deadline: Monday December 8 (sorry, too many current orders)
Jewelry Custom Order Deadline: Monday December 15 - allow 5 days for completion
*Inventory jewelry is available all the way through January 1. Earrings, adult bracelets & baby bracelets are in stock.

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