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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Halloween Inspiration!

It's that time of year when all the holiday decorations in the store get me itching to start some fun decorating projects! My hobbies have doubled since this time last year and so has my list of things I'd like to do!

For example, fellow CT member MJ sent me a bunch of her cute little scrapped circles. (I've recently gotten into basic card making.) This is a photo I snagged from her blog - I didn't make these:

Cute, right?!! I also love her photos - wish mine would come out as crisp! She was gracious enough to send me several samples so I could see how she had made them. (I'll be adding a smaller circle to my craft punch collection soon!)

And now that I'm in the mood for fall, I keep stumbling across inspiration everywhere! Take a look at this random mix of goodies I stumbled across on Etsy:

I love how the artist used eyelash yarn to give these tags a cobweb look! (the subtle photo border helps, too!) I'm a sucker for black gingham. :)

What is it about photographs of piles of embellishments that I love? (Brian would say it's the clutter. I seem to thrive in bead & scrap clutter!)

I did NOT know you could buy food on Etsy!!!!! Aren't these popcorn-balls-that-look-like-candy-apples adorable?!!

Okay, LOVE this halloween tree with it's scrapped paper ornaments!

The rusty jingle bell and tea stained tag caught my eye on this. I like how primitive and charming it is.

If you want to go looking for trouble, hop on Etsy and search for Halloween. (Or Halloween Sign or Halloween Decor or Halloween Cards) Then try to not buy all the fabulous home decor & craft items you find! LOL!

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