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Monday, September 8, 2008

Consolation Prize?

I feel bad that a partial draft of Midnight Sun leaked and frustrated Stephanie Meyer so much that she put the entire book on hold "indefinately". The first Twilight book is my favorite and I was sooooo looking forward to Midnight Sun. Even more than the release of Breaking Dawn.

Breaking Dawn was supremely disappointing to me. I felt like the author was tired of the story and finished everything up in a predictable, mundane way to ensure she wouldn't have to continue the story any longer. I was beyond disappointed.

Then Diana told me the illegally leaked draft of Midnight Sun was posted on Stephanie's Website, with a note to her readers. Since she's angry and not going to finish the book, she wanted her fans to be able to read what was written instead of being dishonest and seeking it out illegally. I have to admit that my heart leaped when I opened her PDF to see it was 264 pages long! I also have to admit that my heart sank because I knew it would only be half the story. Indeed, the draft ends just as the story begins to get good.

The selfish side of me appreciates being able to read Midnight Sun so soon after Breaking Dawn. Even though this was a rough draft, it's written well, in the same style as the first book where emotion pours from every page. As you read, you're reminded of how new crushes feel and think "Oh, yeah! I remember that feeling!" as you experience it along with the characters. I consider it a consolation prize after a fourth book so disappointingly written.

I'm sad the leak has ruined the fun for everyone BUT I'm betting on human greed. After one or two more books don't return the fame and fortune Twilight did, Midnight Sun will be finished to claim the last some-odd million the series holds for her. (Can you imagine the sales potential after an "indefinately held" project with a sudden secret completion is then unexpectedly released?) I'll be patient. Because the part of the book I have read has been even more impressive than the first. Someday I'd love to have Midnight Sun sitting beside Twilight on my bookshelf. The "free sample" has only left me wanting more!

P.S. Read it if you want or choose to not read it if you want. I won't judge you! I'm fascinated by my degree field and couldn't resist a peek into Edward's thoughts. It was even more fascinating than expected!


Edward was right. He really did love Bella more. I would have NEVER thought it possible but honestly, he was right. Her human emotions simply could not match his. I'm still stunned that his side of the story is so deep, complex and beautiful.

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Muggle Mom said...

stephenie has now said that she will finish and publish midnight sun due to the overwhelming response of her fans!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!