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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Know, I'm so Granola...

My friend Angie e-mailed me this link and I liked how it explained the details of plastic bag consuption:

I have a couple of grocery bag totes and have been thinking of picking up a few more. I'm always worried that I'll forget the bags when I go to the store but I already keep my coupon organizer in the car (for just that reason - so I CAN'T leave home without it) and I can just tuck the bags in beside them. We have a couple of small trash cans (that were once sold as being "earth friendly") that are specifically designed to use a plastic grocery bag as a trash can liner. We use about 6 plastic bags per week for that, as opposed to buying the small 13 gallon trash bags, and another 1 or 2 grocery bags for picking up dog poo and landscape clippings. So I think 80% canvas bag, 20% plastic would work well for us.

I'd be willing to vote yes on a plastic bag tax but only if that money went straight into programs and services that benefit us locally. I'd prefer they not be banned but if we have to do without trash can liners I know we would live. I guess I'll be the one person to go green for the other five people who are rolling their eyes right now. LOL! Besides, I love fashion and it's just SO DARNED FASHIONABLE to be green right now!

Next question: How did a pair of right-wing, conservative parents raise such a moderate daughter?!! LOL!

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Kelsey said...

I dont think thats granola. I think its hip and sexy, baby! =)