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Monday, July 7, 2008

Double Trouble

Brian's cousins, Melissa & Zach Gleason, moved to Houston this weekend and they brought Aunt LeeAnn and Melissa's sisters with them! Us gals had entirely too much fun! Aiden got to play with his second cousins Ruthie (2 and a half) and Lily (4 months) for the first time.

Everyone knows Aiden is a "busy" boy so when I heard that Ruthie was a bit of a handful I was quite excited for someone to wear our little man out! When we first got to the house, Ruthie was playing upstairs on her new Ikea table with some new Ikea baby food dishes. When Aiden grabbed for a bowl and spoon, he promptly got his first lesson in table manners. He stood dumbfounded and let Ruthie instruct him about which items he wasn't allowed to touch (all of them) and that he should sit. NOW. To my surprise, he sat, still watching her intently and waiting for her next instruction. Then he spied her plastic shopping cart.

Aiden is really into anything with wheels. He loves cars and to push things. He couldn't resist the shopping cart....full of Ruthie's brand new dishes. She let out a protest as he sped off with her cart and I split up the first fight of the weekend about 90 seconds after they had met.

I found myself giggling about what good "training" this would be for Aiden, who doesn't have any older siblings. He got some practice in "sharing" (read: remaining calm when items were pried from his hands) and learned that mom & dad are more apt to give hugs and take pictures than to win his battles for him. He got to see how older children do NOT throw their food on the floor and he finally learned to climb down stairs safely. Well, without any major falls any ways.

It was a fun weekend full of laughs (see: Aunt LeeAnn in town) and Brian and I both remembered how much we miss having his family close. We're excited Zach & Melissa are less than an hour away.

So let's get to the pictures!

Here is Aiden on the drive out to their house watching "caahs" out the window

Being cute...

And showing off a few light elbow bruises from all the times he went up & down the stairs. He didn't fall, he just practiced THAT MUCH! (The bruise on his forehead was my fault - he bonked his head on the wall trying to fight me off while I took his shoes off. Or wiped his face or some other totally inappropriate mommy activity....LOL!)

Rub-A-Dub-Dub two cousins in the tub!

And Aiden must need a rinse...

They enjoyed a bath together on Saturday night and luckily there were no anatomy questions. We dressed Aiden in pajamas for the ride home afterwards.

Aiden & Ruthie Story: We brought the pack & play so Aiden could sleep yesterday afternoon. He had fallen madly in love with Ruthie's bald Cabbage Patch baby and was content to cuddle it and his blanket for his nap. (She didn't mind, she went down for a nap at the same time.) A little while later - maybe 20 minutes - we heard a commotion up stairs, someone shouted "RUTHIE!" and then we heard Ruthie's little feet scampering across the floor as fast as she could run to her room. Bekah brought Aiden downstairs. He had been awoken from his nap by a little lotion finger painting on his face. Cousins! LOL! I couldn't resist a picture! He had the softest skin and smelled divine all evening!

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emblair said...

So glad to hear that Aiden and Ruthie got to play together...and I'm sure you'll have plenty more "double trouble" stories in the future! I'm still bummed that Molly got pink eye over the weekend and had to miss her play time with little Ruthie. Guess that means a road trip to Houston!