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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vinyl Colors

Okay, duh, I should probably tell you what vinyl colors I have coming!

Black Matte
Chocolate Brown Matte
Black Glossy (Interior or Exterior)
White Glossy (Interior or Exterior)

The matte finished vinyls are intended for walls only but could be used for some other decorative projects that wouldn't be handled or subject to much abuse. The black & white glossy I bought specifically to go on painted wood boards but it will work beautifully on satin paint, too. It's a high-performance outdoor vinyl that has a stronger adhesive on the back so it grips very, very well. (I don't know if you have ever done vinyl on wood and had difficulty getting it to stick. THIS will stick!)

On my list to buy in the future are:

Light Brown Matte
Ivory/Beige Matte
White Matte
Red/Dark Red Matte (whatever matches people's homes best)
Red Glossy
Orange Glossy (for Fall/Halloween boards)
Light Pink Matte

If you simply can't wait, go to and request as many free samples as you would like. They use the EXACT same vinyl and application tape that I bought so you can see how well it works and how gorgeous the premium stuff is. Unfortunately they have changed the names of their colors (to make it more difficult for people like me to buy the same supplies) so you'll need to get the real color name from me. For example, Ivory is called Beige by the manufacturer. The samples arrive in 2 days and come off with a hair dryer. You'll need a popsicle stick to apply them.

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jayne said...

SO are we to be ordering wall graffitti from you??? Inquiring minds are dying to, this dying inquiring mind is currently decorating her art me the deets! :)

~j :)