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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hybrid Crazy

I've made enough stuff, I could probably open a boutique! LOL! So here is what I've finished in the last 24 hours: (click for credits)

Hybrid jewelry. Only me, right? Hehehe! (Kels & Michell, I still LOOOOOVE my purse!!!)

These are some SUPER easy gift tags. If you want to try a little hybrid project, start here. All you need is the $2 Party Pants kit, scissors and glue. The ink & rhinestones are optional!

It never fails, ten minutes in to Aiden's afternoon nap I'll get solicitors pounding on the door, sending the dog into a barking frienzy and waking up the baby. So far so good but if this polite sign doesn't work...

I can flip that bad boy over to reveal this slightly more menacing threat! Honestly, these men that come to my door just don't understand the kind of danger they're in if they shorten a nap time by so much as a nanosecond!

And last is one of my favorites! This is my own quote and is sure to get you a laugh, no matter how bad the small kitchen fire was. LOL!

Have a baby and want to see something REALLY cute? Adorable, right?!! I loved it! Best baby decor hybrid ever!

Any ways, if any of my friends would like to learn how to hybrid, I'm willing to show you! I do require that you purchase your own digital products and the wood, but you're more than welcome to come over and use my craft paints while we chat and assemble together! If you're not sure about how to measure, scrap and print your image to fit the wood, I can give you a quick photoshop tutorial, too. (I might also insist on taking a picture of your project to show off how creative you are in the gallery if you aren't interested in uploading it yourself!) Marissa already has dibs on the first hybrid lesson! ;)


Susie said...

You're outta control, Tay!!! I haven't done anything hybrid, really. But, if I ever start...I'll look here for inspiration!

denntrinad said...

Tay, I just love the purse jewelry you made and I'd love to purchase one. If you do decide to make them for sale let me know. (wink) You are on a roll though girl. Keep it up.

denntrinad said...
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emblair said...

Hey Tay - love the second sign for your not-so-friendly solicitors. You should leave that one up for good!