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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bluebonnet Pictures

I have to admit that I really thought bluebonnet pictures for boys would be a little silly. I love outside photo shoots but I just didn't know about all those flowers. I shouldn't have worried! Waiting for me on my disk of images were several stunning shots, including these two that I absolutely LOVE!

The black & white one of Aiden gazing off is going in our room. Aiden doesn't sit still for long but I love that Kelsey captured him daydreaming for just a moment! The rest of the gorgeous shots are being saved for layouts that you'll see when new kits debut. ;)


Western Family said...

Aiden's pictures in the bluebonnets are so cute! Kelsey did a great job as usual! Can't wait to see the rest of Tanner's. He was not in as good of a mood as Aiden but there are some cute one.

Turnidge Family said...

Hey there Chickie! I'm so excited to be on the team with all you fabulous ladies! :) Those photos are gorgeous! Also, so sorry about your fiasco yesterday. I would have FREAKED out!

emblair said...

Love the bluebonnet pics! Aiden is such a handsome little dude!