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Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Plague Has Ended!

My boys suddenly seem better this evening, completely out of the blue. Aiden has been much happier and in the mood to play so we opened the ball popper I found on sale at Kohl's and let him play with the box for quite a while before showing him how the popper worked. I thought it would be a harmless ball-and-chute toy. Not so. It's reminiscant of a 1970's pop corn popper gone awry. First of all, the toy takes four D batteries to power the leaf-blower engine. The balls don't just pop out, they launch out in six different directions and scatter under the furniture faster than even Major can move to catch them. (Bad dog.) I had hoped the mild little toy pictured on the box would keep Aiden entertained and kick out a loose ball now and then for him to crawl after. Looks like this toy is more likely going to provide his first lesson on how to duck-and-cover. They should package it with an air raid siren.....

In other news, I am still enjoying the creative team and all the scrapping with free products. (You know how I love free stuff!) Here are a few layouts that I made with the new items:

Oh, and remember the picture of Aiden that I applied my Rugged finish to? Kelsey ordered me a large print and it arrived on Friday. It's GORGEOUS! I absolutely love it! I want to do a whole wall of interesting pictures just like it. Picked up a really neat frame set at Kohl's, too, that should get our wall started. ;) I'll post pictures when I get it all up!

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Kelsey said...

Those layouts are awesome! You just keep getting better and better!